The COVID-19 Crisis Captured

Photographers from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Sudan and Syria document their experiences with 2020, as well as the experiences of others, through their lenses.

Travel During COVID-19 by Haitham Al Farsi, Oman. Drag to see more.

Social Or Physical Distancing by Dr. Yousif Al Badi, Sudan/UAE.

Working From Home With My Furry Assistant by Hafsa Qasim, Bahrain.

“When someone asks me how love looked during the COVID-19 crisis, I’ll show them this” says Shahd Haitham, Syria/UAE.

Big World With Different Dreams by El Harit Souna, Morocco.

Souk Al Mubarakiya In Kuwait During The COVID-19 Crisis by Bader Alrajihi, Kuwait.

Let’s Get Physical 2020 by Ghada Mudara, Bahrain. Drag to see more.

Eid In The Time of Corona by Manal Hamood, Oman.

“During the corona crisis, we have been deprived of many things we were used to, but it has also been an opportunity to to get closer to the people we love. I got to cut my father’s hair” says Salim Al Balushi (left) with his father (right), Oman.

Gratitude by Dr. Yousif Al Badi, Sudan/UAE.

The Global War Against The Enemy Of Humanity , collage by Nawaf Al Haysuni, Saudi Arabia.

Panic and Barriers by Dr. Yousif Al Badi, Sudan/UAE. Click on each to see it in a bigger size.

Eight Months After The “Two Week Lockdown” by Hafsa Qasim, Bahrain.

Moments From The Front Line by Dr. Yousif Al Badi, Sudan/UAE.

Eid Prayers At Home by Salim Al Balushi, Oman.

Keep Your Distance by El Harit Souna, Morocco.

Stay Home by Habeeb Al Haddad, Saudi Arabia.

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