2020 In Art

11 artists of the Arab world share with us artworks, of various styles, that were inspired by the COVID-19 crisis.

A Modern Day Family by Maryam Al Salem, Bahrain. This artwork features on this issue’s cover.

Celebrating Eid by Mariam Alobeidli, UAE.

Corona Chaos by Batool Al Tamimi, UAE.

Pray In Your Dwelling by Heba Abed, Saudi Arabia.

Breathe In, Breathe Out by Sonu Sultania UAE/India.

Our Precious Time And Moments by Fatma Khalid, UAE.

The Storm Of The Evil Eye by Fatemah Al Dahmash, UAE. The artworks were created to depict the fear of the unknown that accompanied the mysterious virus, and that what we do not have an explanation for, we often say is the result of the ‘evil eye’. Click to see each in a bigger size.

This Year’s Ediya (Eid Gift) by Fatemah Dashti, Kuwait.

The Dream by Fatimah Al Nemer, Saudi Arabia. The works were composed when the artist and her family members, as depicted, contracted COVID-19. Drag to see more.

Our Normal Talks by Fatma Khalid, UAE.

The New Normal by Mariam Alobeidli, UAE.

Break by Ahmed Al Refaie, Kuwait.

Letters To COVID-19 by Fatemah Al Dahmash, UAE. Drag to see more.

Project S , a collection of self-reflective artworks by Waad Al Harthy, Oman. Click to see each in a bigger size and read its translation.

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