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The Folklore Issue

In this issue of Sekka Magazine, we shed a light on elements from our rich and wide-encompassing Khaleeji folklore, including customs, dances, music, folk stories, and cultural beliefs that we have inherited generation upon generation through a new lens. We ask where these stand in 2021, particularly for the new generation of Khaleejis, the youth.  Click to read.

The Love Issue

All of the stories that have been carefully curated for the issue, from our feature story that explores the world of matchmakers in the Gulf region to our profile interview with H.H. Sayyida Meyyan Shihab Al Said from Oman on her first solo digital gallery in our sister venture, the Khaleeji Art Museum, explore the theme of love in their own unique way. We present them to you, for the first time in Sekka’s history, in a downloadable digital issue format, allowing you to read the issue anywhere, at any time. Click to read.


The 2020 Time Capsule Issue

In this special third anniversary issue of Sekka, we document the Arab world’s experiences with the COVID-19 crisis through art, photography, questionnaires with our readers and writing. From Oman to Morocco, we share the beautiful and the difficult with our future selves, and forthcoming generations, so that we are all able to collectively remember this exceptional year.  Welcome to our time capsule. Click to read.

The Arab Art Issue

The entirety of the issue was produced by an all women team. Female artists around the world have been underrepresented, and many advocates have campaigned to increase the representation of works by female artists in galleries and museums. What’s the story behind our cover? And why do we need art now more than ever? Click to read.

The Hope Issue

Across the English and Arabic versions of this issue, you will meet individuals who are making strides in the worlds of arts, culture, business, and sports in the Arab Gulf States. Click to read.

The Home Issue

Our first issue of the decade explores the concept of home.What drives us to do this, to move cities, countries, or continents, be it for the short run or the long run? And how do we make sense of notions of home, belonging and identity in those circumstances? These questions have occupied many before us, and we attempt to explore them in this issue.Click to read.


The Youth Issue

Our second anniversary issue is dedicated to the youth. It is a space for them to tell us how it feels to be a young person in the Arab Gulf States today, its joys and its challenges, and to share with us topics that they believe are worthy of more discussion in society. Click to read.

The Marriage Issue

Two major events happen in the Arab Gulf States over the summer: vacations and weddings. Deciding who you would be marrying and spending the rest of your life with is perhaps one of the most important decisions of your life. Click to read.

The Identity Issue

This issue’s theme of Sekka discusses identity.“Where are you from?” is perhaps one of the first questions any of us are asked in a conversation, and as simple as the question may seem, many people around the globe are finding it difficult to define home and feel belonging. Click to read.

The Aib Issue

This issue’s theme of Sekka revolves around the concept of aib, or shame in Arabic; a term that guides many of our people’s daily interactions and behaviour, which makes these questions all the more relevant. Click to read.


The Fiction Issue

This issue celebrates Sekka’s first anniversary and highlights creative work by writers and artists from the Arabian Gulf Region. Click to read.

The Change Issue

This Issue explores everything change-related. We couldn’t think of a better theme to dedicate our September issue to than change. Click to read.

The Traditions Issue

Traditions. We live by them, rebel against them, or simply don’t give them much regard. But have you ever stopped for a second to think about what makes a tradition a tradition? We explore in our Traditions Issue. Click to read.

The Summer Issue

Our Summer Issue is our gift to you to enjoy an engaging read over the longest holiday of the year. We welcome new contributing Khaleeji writers and artists. Click to read.

The Travel Issue

Our writers share with you the perfect vacation spots whether you are a family, friends, or a lone traveler. We also explore the psychology of travel, and the best things to do if you’re stuck in the Gulf for the summer period. Click to read.

The Ramadan Issue

Our Ramadan Issue, gives you an exclusive look inside the Holy Kaaba. We also discuss Ramadan, its benefits, and share Ramadan photo stories from across the Gulf. Click to read.

The Trendsetters Issue

What does it take to start a trend? This issue is all about trends and trendsetters. We also take a look back at art pioneer in Kuwait and find out how an old family business is reinventing itself in Bahrain. We also reveal the secret formula to becoming a trendsetter yourself. Click to read.

The Gulf Women Issue

This issue is dedicated to the energetic and creative women of the Arabian Gulf Region. We introduce you to pioneers across different industries, women who are inspirational not only to other women, but also to men. Click to read.

The Diversity Issue

We introduce you to the region’s emerging movers and shakers who come from diverse backgrounds, and we’ll take you on a hot-air balloon ride in the middle of the desert. We will then travel to Sudan to see the pyramids of Meroe and come back to meet Kuwait’s renowned artist Shurooq Amin, whose work explores themes of duality and identity. Click to read.

The Legacy Issue

This issue is dedicated to sharing our rich Khaleeji heritage and how it is an important building stone in our future’s plans. We discuss traditional Arabs’ dining etiquette, and the influence of African heritage to everyday music and dancing in the region. Click to read.


The Expats Issue

We could not think of a better way to end the year than to dedicate this issue to expatriates across the globe and shed light on their work, lifestyle, and contributions to different walks of life. Click to read.

The Stereotypes Issue

In this issue, we meet with Khalejeis who are breaking stereotypes in their fields, such as Amna and Hamda Al Qubaisi, young racers who aim to become the first Emirati women to compete in the male-dominated Formula 1, and Saudi Abdulaziz Al Shuaibi, who has ventured into the expat-filled construction sector of Saudi Arabia and created a name for himself. Click to read.

The Norm Breakers Issue

In the first issue of Sekka, we appropriately explore the theme of ‘breaking norms’. We searched within the Arabian Gulf Region for norm-breakers in business and the arts. Then, we headed west to Ghana and southeast to the Maldives in search of norm-breaking experiences. Click to read.