Guidelines for Authors

At Sekka, we believe in great content and its effectiveness in changing readers’ perspectives and nurturing their minds. To do that, we collaborate with writers and experts in their fields to share stories effectively.

Sekka covers a wide range of original, fresh, and exclusive topics in business, with a focus on small and medium business enterprisess, arts and culture, travel, opinion, creative, and lifestyle within the GCC region. We publish articles of many lengths and produce video content that can work effectively with a story or on its own.

Here are the qualities we look for when evaluating what to publish:

1. Originality and exclusivity: New ideas are rare and valuable – and they are one of the main reasons readers turn to Sekka. If you are writing about a familiar topic that has already been discussed in the media and in the community, then we would be looking for a new argument or perspective. Your story should also be exclusive to Sekka. We do not publish pieces that have appeared elsewhere.

2. Knowledge: You do not have to be a famous contributor, but you must have expertise about the subject you aim to cover.

3. Evidence: Expertise is not enough. You need to prove it to the readers. You can do so by adding supporting research and examples.

4. Clear and pleasurable writing: Sekka readers are smart and busy. If you do not capture their interest quickly, they will move on to something else. Our pieces are clear, concise, and engaging. The editorial voice should be friendly and conversational, as if you were sitting around and chatting with a friend. Where appropriate, especially in columns, feel free to inject as much of your personality and your views as you want. Give readers a taste of who you are and what you think. Please keep in mind that our articles are non-political and non-religious.

5. Brevity: Although we do not like to limit our writers to a certain length, we do suggest 500-700 words for submitted articles. Fictional work varies in length, depending on the piece. Please focus on quality and ensure that the information is engaging and intriguing.

5. Avoided topics: At Sekka, we don’t discuss or publish any topics that revolve around religion or politics. We also don’t accept any work with reference to profanity.

General notes on process

We receive many submissions, and we often have to decline good proposals due to time limitations or because they are not distinct enough for our readers. Because of the high volume of submissions we have to go through, please allow us up to eight weeks to get back to you. If you don’t hear from us within that period, please consider that your proposal has been turned down. If we have passed on a story you have submitted, please feel free to get in touch and to propose another idea.

Our editorial process is very thorough, and you may be asked to conduct multiple rounds of revisions before we finalize your piece for publication. We have found that contributing writers appreciate this extra care and attention we provide to their work.

Feel free to submit a suggested headline for your proposed article. However, we retain the final decision rights over article headlines. Our editors have years of experience learning which kinds of headlines give your articles the best chances of being read and shared.

Sekka holds copyright on the finished articles, but contributing writers continue to own the ideas in their articles. Articles published on our platform should not be republished in other media, except for personal blogs, portfolios, websites, or social media platforms.

It would be helpful for you to send us a short pitch first so that the editorial team can give you early feedback. Put the words “Editorial submission” in the subject line and indicate the article category.

Information authors should provide

Please include your name, your email address, and your cell phone number. If this is your first time submitting to Sekka, please tell us about yourself, your experience, and your qualifications for submitting a certain article. If you are a published author, please include no more than three samples of your work. If you are an artist, please include three samples of your work.

Thank you for considering working with Sekka.