About Us

We strongly believe that if we don’t tell our own stories someone else will, and it won’t be the same. 

-Manar and Sharifah Alhinai

Our mission

To be the leading platform for the youth in the Arab Gulf States, and the top 5 from the MENA region. We aim to provide our audience with an authentic insight into and a guide to one of the most important and misunderstood regions in the world, narrated by the people who are from and live there.

What we do

Founded in 2017, and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, Sekka is a bilingual platform and online magazine by the youth, that uncovers all this important and different from the Arab Gulf States, the larger Arab world, and beyond.

The people

Sekka is co-founded and managed by Emirati sisters Manar and Sharifah Alhinai. We work with over 50 storytellers from across the region, and we are all dedicated to discovering the untold, the jaw-dropping and the overlooked in our region and beyond. All content produced by Sekka helps empower talents from the region. Over 90% of the content creators in Sekka are Arab women.

Khaleeji Art Museum

A digital museum experience, founded in 2020. Through this museum, we aim to support talents from the GCC region , by introducing their work to the world through the various exhibitions we organize. Visit it here.

Sekka Media Group

As the managing group of Sekka, we offer multiple services to local and international clients, from platform architecture to digital and print creative content production.

Contribute to us

For editorial submissions, please email editorial@sekkamag.com, and read our guidelines here.

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