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This issue is dedicated to sharing our rich Khaleeji heritage and how it is an important building stone in our future’s plans. We discuss traditional Arabs’ dining etiquette, and the influence of African heritage to everyday music and dancing in the region. 


The future is drones

While experimental drone deliveries by the likes of Amazon have grabbed the headlines, the construction industry has emerged as a key driver of the burgeoning commercial drone industry.

Arts and Culture

The business of camels

“It’s the look of the camel, also the pedigree, the lineage of the camel, that give such expensive camels their value. Famous camels are well known all over the Gulf.”

The time travellers of Oman

Omani photographer Adnan Al Balushi goes on a drive across Oman, and meets with different nationals who have seen the vast changes that the Sultanate has been through in the past 50 years.



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