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We introduce you to the region’s emerging movers and shakers who come from diverse backgrounds, and we’ll take you on a hot-air balloon ride in the middle of the desert. We will then travel to Sudan to see the pyramids of Meroe and come back to meet Kuwait’s renowned artist Shurooq Amin, whose work explores themes of duality and identity. 


The rising Emirati stars on why diversity matters

In a world that’s becoming more diverse, we ask four rising Emirati stars from different fields, about how their diverse backgrounds helped them achieve their dreams, and why diversity is important.

Arts and Culture

Are Arabs romantic?

“We have all heard people say ‘as romantic as the French’ or ‘as romantic as the Italians’, but we have yet to hear someone say ‘as romantic as the Arabs’.”



The best way to watch the sunrise in Dubai

We explore Dubai’s sunrise in the best way possible, in vintage Land Rovers and we soar with the falcons to watch the majestic break of day. Special thanks to Dubai’s Platinum Heritage.

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