Forces of Creativity Issue

How Farida Mahdy Depicts Dangerous Love

The Egyptian creative discusses the inspiration behind her photo series.

By Sekka

‘Love for me is not in the words, but the really simple actions,’ says Farida Mahdy, the Egyptian creative behind the photography series, Rouge. In Rouge, a woman clad in red from head to toe waits by the phone for a call. The series is an ‘imaginary visual representation, from my own point of view, of what a gangster member from the 1970s would have looked like just sitting down waiting for her lover to call her after a robbery mission,’ explains the 23 year old. It was inspired by Mahdy’s infatuation with the era and the colour red. ‘Red inspired me when I was studying colour psychology [in university]; how it can evoke the feeling of lust and passion for some people and for some give the feeling of danger, anger and strength,’ she recalls. ‘So I started to actually create this series starting with the colour then I thought of doing this imaginary story on how a gangster member can be a mix of both.’

From the Rogue series by Farida Mahdy.

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