1886 Launches The Exclusive Drop Made On The Occassion Of Qatar World Cup

1886 wants to emphasise its mission to unite the young generations.

1886, the Riyadh-based label known to bring urban apparel in the streets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time, continues its unstoppable success by bringing to its fans an exclusive collection called Unity, a capsule drop made especially for Qatar World Cup that is available at Doha’s most luxurious and extravagant destination, Al Hazm.

Unity, a capsule drop made especially for Qatar World Cup. Images by 1886.

The term “unity” refers to the spirit of the World Cup where different nations play together with fair play and mutual respect. Similarly, 1886 wants to emphasise its mission to unite the young generations in a community where differences are elevated to build a free and peaceful world.

1886’ s journey started in 2016 at a time when the local streetwear fashion scene was practically absent in Saudi Arabia. The streets were mostly populated with the traditional clothing, or the occasional casual outfits brought in the region by the international fashion brands. The reforms brought by the Vision 2030 program have sparked an incredible transformation at all levels and 1886 made no exception.

Particularly in the fashion sector, Gen Z entrepreneurship has been encouraged while the celebration of diversity in culture and style has been promoted.

Fahad Aljomiah , Owner and co-founder says: “Saudi Arabia is undergoing an incredible transformation at all levels. The Vision 2030 is positively impacting our society and our lifestyle in ways unimaginable before. This wave of change has greatly inspired our creative process as we work in a vibrant society that offers opportunities to grow while facilitating intercultural dialogue”.

Khalid Aljammaz , the brand co-founder comments: ”The social change happening in Saudi Arabia is faster than any other countries in the world. The enthusiasm of the young generations and their curiosity is infectious, and it is injected in every industry: music, art, culture, fashion, fitness. It is impossible to ignore it. We are extremely fortunate to experience this transition firsthand and represent the new generation we feel part of”.

Meteb Awad Alzaid, partner and brand co-owner, comments: “For 1886, individual expressive
potential is an immense asset and the transformative scene we have the fortune to witness in the Kingdom is an opportunity to unlock the immense potential of this country as well as a means to put the young generations on the center stage. We could not be prouder”.

It is in a context of social change and cultural transformation that 1886 earned the title of the trendiest brand in the region and the brand promises to bring more excitement in the region while keeping their fingers on the pulse of the streetwear industry.

About 1886

Founded and established in 2016 by Fahad Aljomiah and Khalid Aljammaz at the time still two college students, 1886 is a streetwear brand that aspires to create urban and contemporary clothing for men and women looking for comfort with an edge. The duo, originally from Saudi Arabia, met for the first time in London, where they were both studying. Their friendship and shared interest for music, art, design, and street-style movements gave them the idea of incorporating these elements under one label and launching the first Saudi streetwear brand, one that would appeal to the Kingdom’s young generation.

Soon after,1886 was born. The brand name, derived from the unpretentious merging of their university dorm room numbers, quickly became epitome of the aspirations of the Saudi community. Driven by the label’s unbiased DNA, the line caters for all body types, shapes and sizes, and is primarily made up of staple jumpers, oversized hooded sweatshirts and slouched jogging pants each of which can be effortlessly mixed and matched with existing pieces in a go-to, street-inspired, capsule wardrobe.

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