Freedom and Coexistence Inspire this Moroccan Creative

'Peace and freedom are a big part of my art.'

By Sekka

23-year-old Youssef Oubahou from Agadir Morroco’s work is inspired by freedom, coexistence, and his rich Moroccan culture. This has served as the main inspiration behind his latest collaboration with Soy, a young Moroccan rapper.

‘Soy contacted me on Instagram because he liked my work and wanted us to collaborate. We worked on the idea of the shoot together, and chose the location, the accessories and every other detail,’ explains Youssef.

Images courtesy of Youssef Oubahou.

The message behind this shoot is simple he explains. ‘Peace and freedom are a big part of my art, and I really hope people get that and be inspired by that,’ says the photographer.

But this doesn’t mean that the young photographer isn’t open to new themes to explore. ‘I would love to try and explore more of my Arab and North African culture and traditions.’

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