The Womanhood Issue

Shedding Light on Child Marriages Through Art

Huda Jamal discusses one of her latest paintings, which tackles an important topic.

By Sekka

Playdate by Bahraini artist Huda Jamal. Image courtesy of Huda Jamal.

Huda Jamal is a 21-year-old Bahraini artist whose paintings, which combine reality with imagination, are inspired by her observations of the world and her love for the architecture of theatre scenography. The concept of this acrylic artwork on Canson paper by Jamal revolves around the high proportion of child marriages in developing countries. ‘The painting includes what seems like a wedding portrait, with a figure on the left signifying the groom, whereas the bride remains absent from the scene; instead, a child sits on the ground, accompanied by a toy,’ says the artist.

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