The Creative Giants Issue

The Modern Omani Art Pioneers

How Hasan Meer and Alia Al Farsi are shaping Oman's art scene.

By Georgie Bradley

Omani artist Alia Al Farsi. Image courtesy of Alia Al Farsi.

Artists have long played a vital role in developing Oman’s rich connection between contemporary and traditional art forms. Home to a coterie of artists whose ambitious collections are a complex tie between self-expression and heritage, Oman’s art scene captures the depths of its land and people. Two artists, Alia Al Farsi and Hassan Meer, have been fundamental change makers in the art scene. They are considered some of the ‘originals,’ or among the founding figures of modern Omani art. Both artists have helped transform the country’s cultural fabric with works and ideas that have stimulated independent thought against a largely collective society. While their art technique moves in a forward, evolving direction, the work is reverent of its roots, displaying traditions, heritage and customs. 

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