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The Best Art Stories from Art & Object

Our top picks of the latest from the art world in collaboration with Art & Object.

By Sekka

November has been a very busy month for the arts world, and our friends at Art & Object, a fine art news website, shared compelling features and stories from the latest auctions to exploring the seven wonders of the ancient world. We share with you five of their stories.

Art & Object is a fine art news website that brings readers the latest art news and most important art stories. Its mission is to inform collectors and drive the conversation about art. Founded in 2017, Art & Object is based in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

1. A Brief Look at The Met’s Fascinating History

Façade of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Image: Wikimedia Commons via Art & Object. Photo by Irving S. Underhill.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the United State’s greatest art museum and perhaps the greatest in the world. While the museum, like many others, has a history rooted in colonialism, it has taken steps in recent years to make amends for its troubled past. Read more.

2. Explaining the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Nina Aldin Thune via Art & Object.

The Seven Wonders of the World are legendary, ancient sculptural and architectural splendors as well as historic testaments to human ingenuity and accomplishment. According to some, the first century BCE Greek historian Diodorus Siculus wrote the first known list of wonders, starting the trend of creating lists of must-see places for Hellenistic tourists traveling through Greece, Egypt, Persia, and Babylonia. Read more.

3. 7 Films About Art to Cozy Up With This Fall

Still from Frida Kahlo Trailer via Art & Object.

As the chill of fall sets in, you may find it more difficult to muster up the determination to get out and about. And yet, filmmakers continue to offer inspiration in the art world. You’ll find these seven films offer something to suit every taste. So settle into your comfy place and get your culture-fix from the comfort of your living room couch. Read more

4. ART 101: Cubism

Paul Cézanne, Pommes et oranges, 1899. Wikimedia Commons. Sharon Mollerus, via Art & Object.

For Cubist artists, painting up until the 1900s had failed to give true insight into reality. Cubists shared a dissatisfaction with rationality and positivism, two schools of thought that had come to dominate European science and philosophy. To this growing number of painters, it was no longer enough to depict space, color, light, and shape as orderly or even legible. Read more.

5. The Macklowe Collection Sale Becomes Sotheby’s Most Valuable Ever

Alberto Giacometti, Le Nez, Conceived in 1947 (this version conceived in 1949 and cast in 1965). Estimate: $70,000,000 – 90,000,000. Sold: $78,396,000. Image courtesy of Sotheby’s via Art & Object.

On November 15, Sotheby’s hosted the first of two stand-alone auctions of the Macklowe Collection. The results were historic. In total, the sale achieved a landmark $676.1 million, making it the most valuable single-owner auction of all time and the most valuable auction ever held at Sotheby’s. Read more.

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