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What to read on Art & Object this month

Our top picks of the latest from the art world in collaboration with Art & Object.

By Sekka

In October, our partners at Art & Object,  a fine art news website,  shared compelling features and stories from the art world. We share with you 5 of their stories.

Art & Object is a fine art news website that brings readers the latest art news and most important art stories. Its mission is to inform collectors and drive the conversation about art. Founded in 2017, Art & Object is based in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

1) The Life and Art of Michelangelo

Image courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gift of Clarence Dillon, 1977. (Via Art & Object).

“ With a name almost as recognizable as the period in which he lived, Michelangelo was a bona fide Renaissance man. His legacy and influence on Western art and culture is matched only by his contemporaries Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael, with the three artists forming the holy trinity of High Renaissance masters.” Read here.

2) Teenage NFT Artists Who Have Achieved Shocking Success

FEWOCiOUS (B. 2003), Year 5, Age 18 – I Taught Myself How To Fly, Executed in 2021. Price Realized $375,000. (Via Art & Object).

“While most eleven-year-olds boys were playing Minecraft and chatting on Discord, artist Justin Bodnar, who goes by the name jstngraphics, was experimenting in the graphic design field before switching to digital art and NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) at age seventeen.” Read here

3) William Edmondson Immortalized the Black Community in Tombstones & Sculpture

Image courtesy of Eric Wheeler. Via Art & Object.

“When, at the age of fifty-seven, William Edmondson began sculpting discarded limestone, he transformed the material into tombstones to adorn the final resting places of neighbors, family, and friends.

In 1931—between the Great Depression and segregation—a beautiful tombstone was often a privilege denied. Edmonson had lost his janitorial job at a Nashville hospital and felt inspired to pursue a new passion as a sculptor, drawing on the skills he’d learned as a stonemason’s assistant. With salvaged limestone that had been cast off from demolition sites and other sources, he created something people needed, turning what had been refuse into something meaningful.” Read here.

4) Shredded Banksy Sells Again & Sets a $25.4 Million Record

Banksy, Love is in the Bin, 2018. Image courtesy of Sotheby’s (Via Art & Object).

“On Thursday, October 14, one of Banksy’s most iconic artworks—a self-destructive piece entitled Love is in the Bin—sold for triple its high estimate at $25,383,941 (£18,582,000), setting a new record for the artist.” Read here.

5) The Cultural Significance of the Color Yellow

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent Van Gogh Foundation). Via Art & Object.

The color yellow has a rich cultural history that rivals the warmth of the various shades that it comes in. Often linked to the sun, it has come to symbolize a multitude of things from power and divinity to peasantry and isolation.”Read here.