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The best stories from Art & Object this month

Sekka’s top picks of the latest from the art world in collaboration with Art & Object.

By Sekka

Sekka is delighted to announce a new partnership with Art & Object. Art & Object is a fine art news website that brings readers the latest art news and most important art stories. Its mission is to inform collectors and drive the conversation about art. Founded in 2017, Art & Object is based in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

At the beginning of each month, our team will share with you five of our favourite stories from Art & Object, with the goal of presenting you with art features and articles from the United States, Europe and beyond.

1.Good Art: ChaShaMa is an Art Charity Transforming Vacant Spaces

Image courtesy of Harry Schnitzler. (Via Art & Object).

“In a city of endless opportunities, one organization is doing its best to optimize all that New York has to offer.” Read here.

2.The 10 Best Art Schools in the US

Image courtesy of Ringling College of Art and Design. (Via Art & Object).

Art & Object’s 2021 ranking of America’s top art schools showcases the best of the best. We have taken the top schools from our regional rankings and compared them to create this final top ten. Spanning coast to coast, featuring institutions of all sizes—this list encompasses an incredible range of schools that offer the finest art education.” Read here.

3.Ancient Roman Baths: An Archeological Explanation

The baths of Caracalla. Courtesy of Christopher Siwicki (Via Art & Object).

“In ancient Rome, bathing was a staple, not a luxury. Bath buildings are one of the most frequently encountered types of structure at archeological sites across the Roman world, from the Middle East to Northern Europe.” Read here.

4. 12 African American Artists You Should Know More About

Image courtesy of Smithsonian American Art museum. (Via Art & Object).

“From colonial to modern times and realistic portraiture to minimalistic sculpture and striking abstractions, these diverse works and artists deserve more credit. “Read here.

5.Qaumajuq Center Sets Tone for the Decolonization of Collections

Qaumajuk, the Inuit Art Centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Michael Maltzan Architecture with Associate Cibinel Architecture. Courtesy of Linday Reid. (Via Art & Object).

“Open to the public only since March of 2021, Qaumajuq continues the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG)’s decades-long legacy as a progressive and inclusive space for intercultural learning and gathering. Qaumajuq is an Inuktitut word meaning ‘it is bright, it is lit,’  an apt term for the new initiative. It has already emerged as an international leader in decolonization practices thanks to its programming, design, exhibitions, and collections.” Read here.

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