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Fatima Dashty: The Bahraini photographer keeping the past alive

The 30-year-old is dedicated to capturing the Kingdom's traditional ways of life.


By Sekka Team

Fatima Dashty’s photographs capture the traditional ways of life in Bahrain. Images: Courtesy of Fatima Dashty. Click on each to enlarge it.

Like other Arab Gulf States, Bahrain has undergone a rapid process of modernization over the last 100 years. But that has not stopped the new generations from embracing the past and celebrating it in their own creative ways. Fatima Dashty is one such millennial. Using her Canon R Mirrorless Camera, the 30-year-old self-taught photographer has been capturing and recreating scenes that depict the Kingdom’s traditional ways of life, as well as customary, religious and national celebrations like Gergaon, Eid and Bahraini National Day, for the last seven years.

30-year-old Bahraini photographer Fatima Dashty. Image: Courtesy.

In explaining the passion behind her drive she says, “I love this type of photography and it’s close to my heart because its represents my country’s customs and traditions, and [through it] I would like to show the beauty of our lifestyle.” It normally takes Fatima one week to work on each photography series, which she captures in locations such as Bahrain’s Heritage Village, Jarada Island and Karzakan, with collaborators.

To see more of Fatima Dashty’s work visit her page on Instagram.

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