Literature The Love Issue

Poem: Fog and Roses

“Love melts,?/then apart we go.”

By Laura Albast

Use me, darling,

Scar my soul,

Feel lips parting,

Claim your theft; a kiss you stole.

Seize me, darkling,

Take control,

Touch me, charring

Burn and scrawl.

When a poet?

falls for another poet


that the pandemonium of reality

has become beautiful.

It fades, though,?

like fog and roses,?

Oh Romeo,?

the theatre closes,?

Row by row,

tombstones, you know?

Love melts,?

then apart we go.

Laura Albast is a Palestinian-American digital marketer, translator, and freelance journalist with bylines in The New Arab and Bloomberg Businessweek. She currently works at a non-profit in Washington, DC. She has performed in Beirut with The Poetry Pot and in Boston at the Arab Conference at Harvard. Her first published poem will appear in the 2020 Ghassan Kanafani Anthology.

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