COVID-19 Khaleeji Art Museum

Exhibition: Ramadan in Quarantine


For many Muslims around the world, this is the first time they have had to observe Ramadan in isolation. In many parts of the world, prayers have been conducted at home, and fasting has been broken away from large gatherings. We share the work of 15 emerging artists and photographers from the Arab Gulf States who have translated how they feel about Ramadan in quarantine into their works, and share them with you.

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Untitled, by Ishaq Madan, Bahrain

Description by artist: “As mosques shut down, Ramadan 1441 brings about new physical and psychological challenges as millions of Muslims attempt to find a connection with Allah from their own homes.” Click on each image to enlarge it.

You Took A FaceTime Photo, By Israa Al Balushi, Oman

Description by artist: N/A.

Untitled, by Widad Al Harthy, Oman

Description by artist: Did You Hear the Athan? and Until When? Click on each image to enlarge it.

The Wise One & The Spread of Panic, by Dana Al Rashid, Kuwait

 Description by artist: N/A. Click on each image to enlarge it.

Ramadan Essentials in Quarantine, by Sara Al Balushi, Oman

 Description by artist: N/A. Click on each image to enlarge it.

Pray at home, Ramadan 1441, and Quarantine Conversation, by Essa Hujairy, Bahrain

 Description by artist: N/A. Swipe to see images.

The Covid Journal, by May Alsaad, Kuwait

 Description by artist: N/A.

Human Race with the Coronavirus, by Asma Murad, Bahrain

Description by artist: The work showcases a poem by the late Bahraini poet Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, that assures Bahrainis that they can withstand any crisis.

More Precious Than Gold, by Mahmood Al Zadjali, Oman

Description by artist: The traditional Ramadan dishes created by mothers (logaimat, samosas and fatayaer) that are rarely cooked beyond Ramadan are held in the highest regard. Swipe to see the gallery.

The Ramadan Spirit, by Aisha Anoohi, UAE

Description by artist: N/A.

Queen, by Abdulaziz Alshukairi, Oman

Description by artist:“This art portrays elderly women being called queens during this pandemic . The term  “queen” means that they command and take care of us by worshipping God, and giving us precious advice on how to survive this terrible experience.”

We Need Space to Heal, by Maryam Al Amin, Bahrain

Description by artist:” When someone says’ we need space to heal’, it often is to do with a relationship in which people need time apart to heal emotionally. With the measuring tape, I wanted to take that phrase and give it a new meaning in relation to the current situation.” Click on each image to enlarge it.

Come and Drink Coffee, by Mujahid Al Malki, Oman

Description by artist: N/A.

Untitled, by Salim Al Balushi, Oman

Description by artist: Inspired by Seth ( aka “@dudewithsign”) on Instagram, this is the Omani and Arab version. In the first photo is a welcome statement for Ramadan, and in the second one a request for Ramadan to ‘hold up’. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Minaret, by Firdaus Shafi, Oman

Description by artist: “Despite the quarantine and the domestic isolation that every house in our Islamic and whole world is going through today due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are optimistic that one day we will pray in the mosques again.”

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