COVID-19 Khaleeji Art Museum

Exhibition: Khaleejis In The Time of Corona


We are all experiencing different ranges of emotions. And what better way to express what we feel than through art? In the exhibition below, we share the work of 16 emerging artists from the Arab Gulf States who have translated their feelings and their thoughts into artistic pieces, and shared them with you, our readers. Support this exhibition by sharing the link to this page, and support artists by following their pages, and sharing their work with your audience.

Graduating During COVID-19 , by Thamer Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

Description by artist: Thamer’s graduation ceremony was scheduled for this academic term, but has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 crisis. But he decided to celebrate on his own anyway by arranging this impromptu photoshoot. Swipe to see images.

Untitled, by Nayla Al Khalifa, Bahrain

Description by artist: “In the midst of this pandemic, I recently decided to create a community on my Twitch channel, where I live stream the creation of virtual reality art that revolves around unity, nature, oneness, and good thoughts. Around 15 people have joined my live stream, and I asked each one of them to provide me with their name/nickname to add into the outer space environment in the form of stars in a galaxy, and wrote these names in Arabic calligraphy.”

Hiding Place, by Aisha Sharif, Bahrain

Description by artist: “Having somewhere you feel safe in, whether it’s a place or a person is important, especially in testing times like this.”

Stay at Home, by Abdulaziz Alshukairi, Oman

Description by artist: “If you stay at home, safe with your family, you can get everything you need online.”

Keep Them Clean, by Hala Al Abbasi, Bahrain

Description by artist: A digital art piece emphasizing the importance of keeping our hands clean during this crisis.

Watch Over Me, by Alia Al Hammadi, United Arab Emirates

Description by artist: Alia Al Hammadi chooses a strong, protective loving mother to represent the UAE. The mother watches over her people staying in their homes during this crisis, making sure they’re safe and sound.

Mask de Rigueur, by Anas Al Omaim, Kuwait

Description by artist: The work discusses the racism, control, and power the current pandemic has given rise to in the world. The collage also tries to reflect the general sense of melancholy but also the hope of humans being protected by a watchful eye. .

The Creation of Adam: COVID-19 Rendition, by Enas Sistani, Bahrain

Description by artist: Inspired by Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”, this piece by Bahraini artist Enas depicts the social distancing we are undergoing right now.

Covid-19 in Bahrain, by Essa Hujairy, Bahrain

Description by artist: Multiple digital works by Essa Hujairy that depict the COVID-19 crisis as the Bahraini artist perceives it in Bahrain.Click on each image to enlarge it.

The Commitment of Our Community, by Hamda Al Khaja, United Arab Emirates

Description by artist: “We are in our homes, behind doors… There is a lock and a key. Through the lock we can see the empty streets of Abu Dhabi. This artwork represents the commitment of our community to our collective health and safety.”

Coronacle, by Omaima Al Hinai, Oman

Description by artist: “Inspired by the flooded timelines of my social media pages, of people’s chronicles of their days during these unprecedented times.”

A Visual Artist During the Covid-19 Crisis, by Hanan Abdullah, UAE

Description by artist: “I took a couple of photos that reflect my feelings as a visual artist during the Covid-19 crisis. As artists, our creativity has limits now. I mostly do street photography, and so these images capture my longing for the streets, the life at the markets, and the people at the shops. I can’t wait to be back on the streets with a camera again.” Swipe to see images.

Expressive Typography, by Israa Al Balushi, Oman

Description by artist: The artwork features a verse in Arabic that translates to “Greetings to those who are far, yet close.” The verse expresses the way the artist currently feels . It depicts the close proximity of loved ones despite the social distancing.

Untitled, by Sara Abdullah, Oman

Description by artist: “There is danger everywhere out there. The world is blowing up! Warnings keep coming. Put enough distance between you and the danger out there. It is safer to stay in your small, cozy place.”

Isolation Not War, Food Not Starvation, Home Not Refuge, by Shahad Nazer, Saudi Arabia

Description by artist: N/A.

Untitled, by Shaikha Al Tunaiji, United Arab Emirates

Description by artist: Positive Arabic COVID-19 digital posters by Shaikha Al Tunaiji. From left to right: “Quarantine At Home”, “Tomorrow The World Will Relax”, and “Think Outside The Fridge, People”. Click on each poster to enlarge it.

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