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Saufeeya Goodson on her search for home

Where is home for a third culture kid?

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Saufeeya Goodson. Photography by Bahraini photographer Mohammed Talha.

Where is home for someone who comes from a dual heritage background, and who is not living in the country of either of their parents? What may seem as a simple question to some, represents an identity struggle for many around the world.

Saufeeya Goodson is a social media personality with dual heritage: she is American and Moroccan. She has also been living in Dubai, a city that is different than where her parents came from. Saufeeya identifies herself as a third culture kid, and throughout her life, she always questioned what home meant to her.

Saufeeya Goodson. Photography by Bahraini photographer Mohammed Talha.

In this conceptual short film shot in Bahrain, and filmed and directed by Bahraini videographer Elias Madan, we depict Saufeeya’s journey and her search for what identifies as her home. We follow her through different stages of her search, until she finally finds her answer.

Film by Bahraini videographer Elias Madan.

Saufeeya’s search for home is not a unique quest. It represents the story of millions of third culture kids around the world, and their search for the feelings of home and belonging.

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