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Poem: Until my soul ceases to beat

"I am the grandchild of the East."

By Nazeeha Abdullah

I am the heir of coastal bands.

And the daughter of the sands.

I am the grandchild of the East.

And the breed of these streets.

I’ve never crossed so many seas.

Yet distance travels, deep in me.

I am a seed with different leaves.

And that’s how far my culture breaths.

My memories are young and strong.

Yet the home I built does not belong.

And the home that’s mine,

Is just a song.

Where would I be, where would I go?

If hearts simply decreed it so.

Familiarity or journey fees,

Keep dancing questions in my dreams.

I love the bands.

I love these sands.

I love the East and all these streets.

This is my home.

It is my land.

Until my soul ceases to beat.

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Nazeeha Abdullah is a 17-year-old Tanzanian student who was born and raised in the UAE.