Literature The Home Issue

Poem: Heavyhearted

"My home spits me out every night."

By Maryam Malik

My home spits me out every night when I try to crawl back

And bury myself between her ribs.

My home drags me by the hair to the edge of the roof

And dangles me just long enough

To taste fear foaming at my mouth and gripping my throat.

Artwork by Emirati artist Mariam Albinali.

My home doesn’t understand why I am the way I am

And tears me apart just to sew me back




Home bloated me with a language of hostility and misery.

The only thing I look for is my home,

One day, opening her eyes softly

Embracing me languidly, caressing me gently

And whispering faintly, “you’re my home too”.

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Maryam Malik is a 21-year-old Bahraini student majoring in English Literature and French. When she’s not passionately writing poetry and doting over fictional characters, she’s almost always listening to music.