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Poem: Bedouin

A tribute to the migration of the poet's tribe, who travelled across the Empty Quarter to find a home in the oasis of Al Ain.

By Alia Al Shamsi

My story commences on soft silk sand,

When the first star appears, you know night is near.

When heaven and earth in darkness are one,

When silence reigns and your heartbeat has sung.

My people, saddle on camel, sought to find

A home, a shelter beneath rain showers of light.

Allah, they prayed, once moon god, please arise

A formation of rivers, fauna and flora divine,

Eternally blooming and never to die,

As their eyes lifted to the meadows of the sky.

Artwork by Emirati illustrator Salama Al Nuaimi.

Those foolish enough to say this desert is bare,

Prefer to be lost in their mirages and not care.

For those who wander the earth with questions will find

Answers on the palm of this starlit sky, outlined.

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Alia Al Shamsi is an Emirati-Italian writer, photojournalist, illustrator and traveller. She taught photography as an adjunct faculty at the American University of Sharjah. She later pursued writing and illustrating and is a published author supported by Dubai Culture Publishing grant. She currently works at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. She is an advocate of cultural bridging and has represented the UAE in several international exhibitions and as a speaker at international book fairs.