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Poem: Inheritance I didn’t ask for

"I once heard that people can inherit their pain...I wonder whose sadness I'm carrying"

By Maryam Malik

There’s so much sadness in me it scares me how vast this sea of it is

And how its waves are always angrily crashing,

Competing in trying to pour out of me

And drench me in melancholy that I want no part of.


I once heard that people can inherit their pain,

It can pass down through blood and genes and generations.

I wonder whose sadness I’m carrying.

I wonder if even half of it is my own.

I wonder if the pain I’m carrying is worth bearing all this back pain for. 

Artwork by Bahraini illustrator Hana Khadem.

This silence is so loud,

So deafening.

I am afraid,

I am so afraid,

I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t afraid,

And I long for a time I become fearless in the face of inevitability.

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Maryam Malik is a 21-year-old Bahraini student majoring in English Literature and French. When she’s not passionately writing poetry and doting over fictional characters, she’s almost always listening to music.