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Poem: Deadly beautiful

"The reason why I love space, is the exact same reason why I love you."

Words by Abdullah Al-Ameeri

Illustration by Hana Khadem

For as long as I can remember,

I have always wanted to be an astronaut.

I find the idea of being in space

incredibly attractive for a simple reason:

I keep gravitating towards things

that are simultaneously beautiful and deadly.

You see, outer space is by far

more fascinating than anything you can imagine.

But it’s also extremely dangerous.

It could easily kill me in different ways.

I could simply suffocate

because of the complete lack of breathing air.

Or I could die of exposure

to the lethal cosmic rays and solar radiation.

I’m sure that you have an idea by now

of how ridiculous it is to dream of being there.

The reason why I love space,

is the exact same reason why I love you.

You see, because you’re to me,

as beautiful and dangerous as outer space.

I lose my breath by being with you

because you’re the most breathtaking thing I’ve seen.

And I feel all the radiation and fire

that you naturally irradiate like the burning sun.

But you’re also irresistibly desirable.

I’m attracted to you like a moth to a bug zapper.

I know what I’m signing up for,

and I don’t mind taking the tremendous risk.

All I can do in this situation,

is to take my protein pills and put my helmet on,

and sit by you to absorb

all the beauty and danger you have to offer.

Abdullah Al-Ameeri, who is also known as Digital Abdullah, is a 28- year-old poet and photographer from Bahrain. He has been telling stories through the use of rhyme and pop culture references since 2015. He focuses on the themes of love, mental health, social activism and personal growth.