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See Bahrain multi exposed

Using multi exposure techniques, Hasan Al Khunaizi provides a new dimension to everyday life.

By Sekka

27-year-old Bahraini photographer Hasan Al Khunaizi’s project was a “happy accident”. He didn’t initially plan to use multi exposure photography techniques to document daily life in Bahrain. But when he did, he ended up providing us with a new artistic perspective. We chat with the aspiring photographer to learn more about his photographic journey and viewpoint.

Bahraini photographer Hasan Al Khunaizi. Photo courtesy of Hasan Al Khunaizi.

Tell us about the multi exposure technique you use to document daily life in Bahrain.

I started this project in 2013, and through it I have attempted to visualize time, space and movement by contrasting the living against the inanimate objects around them. It was created by using digital multiple exposures of a moving subject contrasted against a still background, capturing the subjects as they move in space and time across it.

What inspired this technique?

I originally set out on a regular street photography run, nothing unusual except the fact that I brought a tripod along this time. While taking the pictures I found myself timing the shutter clicks with the footsteps of passersby. It was only when I was reviewing the photographs at the end of day that I was inspired to overlay them, and thus the project was born! You could call it a happy accident.

What initially attracted Hasan Al Khunaizi to documenting street life is the idea that everyone captured has a story to tell. Photo by Hasan Al Khunaizi.

Any plans for taking this project further by participating in exhibitions or selling prints?

The project is due for a refresh, so I wouldn’t say it’s done just yet. I have participated with this set of photographs in an exhibition in Bahrain. Two out of the three prints exhibited were sold. I’m open to exhibiting in the Arab Gulf States and beyond should the opportunity present itself. All of my works (this series and others) are available as prints on request.

You document both landscapes and street life. Which one is dearer to your heart?

All of my works are dear to my heart. Street photography was a newfound discipline [for me] in 2009, that attracted me due to the fact that every single soul photographed had a story; how and why they got to be in that frame at that time. However, I’ve found my work evolving with every move I’ve made through the Arab Gulf States. Since moving to the United Arab Emirates, I found myself being drawn to the natural beauty the country has to offer and that is what I have been shooting as of late, with a dash of wide-field astrophotography to go with it. 

One of Hasan Al Khunaizi’s favourite things about shooting Bahrain’s street life is that many areas in Muharraq and Manama have an “untouched” character. Photo by Hasan Al Khunaizi.

An Arab Gulf country you’d like to take more landscapes photos of

Definitely Saudi Arabia. I’ve been seeing so many beautiful formations and landscapes through the lenses of some great photographers out there, and I would definitely like to try my hand (or eye) at that.

Your favourite thing about shooting Bahrain’s street life…

The smiles all around, and that “untouched” character that still holds in some of Manama and Muharraq’s alleyways.

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