Poem: Let me be free

"introduce that notion to my skin, my tired bones…"

By Reem N. Alomari

Artwork by Bahraini illustrator Hana Khadem.

Let me be free.

Free of feeling feelings,

feelings that I wish brought me happiness.

But instead, what shows upon my lips

is a downward pull of a smile. 

I am tired. 

I am heavy.

Shake my head good and you’ll hear the rattles of my heavy thoughts. 

Show me a feeling of weightlessness,

introduce that notion to my skin, my tired bones… 

Let it be known that a life outside these walls exists!

A life, green, luscious and beautiful,

awaits my crippled soul.

Reem N. Alomari is a writer and poet based in Bahrain. She is the author of “Between The Stars“.