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Poem: The shapeshifter

"I wear a mask that's invisible...I wear it so I'm beautiful."

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Words by Mohammed Shehab

Illustration by Rama Duwaji

I wear a mask that’s invisible.

It’s present, but it’s impalpable.

I wear it so I’m beautiful,

In my skin so comfortable,

In my head so capable.

I wear a mask. It hides my eyes.

I wear it so well, I disguise…

Disguise the truth and all the lies…

To hide the tears and all the cries…

To drown the screaming and the sighs.

I change the mask to try to find

A safety wall to stand behind…

A great escape, a peace of mind.

A box where secrets are confined.

A state where thoughts are so refined.

I wear a mask just like a shield,

My armor in the battlefield.

The only weapon I can wield.

I wear it so my wounds are healed.

From all the danger, I’m concealed.

I change the mask. I change the face.

For every time and every place…

Fit in the crowd, the human race.

I play the role they might embrace,

Fulfill the norm, keep up the pace.

I change one mask and a new mask is born…

And I’m not sure it’s one I haven’t worn.

So I take it off and try to change back

To my primal form, but I’ve lost track…

I shuffle through and try them all,

But nothing seems to fit at all.

Perhaps the only change to make…

The only risk I have to take…

Is to find the real, destroy the fake…

Take down the walls I need to break…

Destroy the mask and stay awake.

No longer will I be a rover.

I settle down, I take a breather.

I’m finally home, I’m finally sober.

The mask is off…

The play is over.

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