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Poem: Lovers at sunset

A poem by Farah El Sherif from Egypt.
“Our sun now forges our path.” Credit: Shutterstock.

As the noon of my youth drew near,

So did a great schism, I fear.

I prayed: all I’ve suffered till now,

Shall have to prove worthy somehow.

But now my sun masts glorious overhead,

Melting all I held of regret and of dread.

Love’s redemption takes hold,

A sun, once punishing, pledges gold.

And while gulf stretches endless to skyline,

While a world of old forbids our entwine,

Regardless, cling to youth’s glow,

We’ll guide fortune and force fate to bestow.

Leaving heady dreams of aftermath,

Our sun now forges our path.

To my lover when we last met,

A vow: my dear, our life waits at sunset.

Farah El Sherif is a 21-year-old Syrian-Egyptian student living in the UAE.