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Five reasons why Bali is perfect for female travellers

The Balinese are highly religious and believe that Bali is at the centre of the universe, a place perfect for healing the soul, and healing it did!

By Sekka Team

Female-only travel is on the rise globally, and this is not strange to women from the Arabian Gulf Region. It is very common now to hear about a group of ladies, whether they are family members or friends, traveling together to explore new destinations, and our team is officially representing these women here at Sekka! 

As young Khaleeji women with very demanding jobs, we were looking for a relaxing destination, where we could enjoy a quiet day by the beach, sipping on cool smoothies, explore  and also have a vibrant evening life where we could treat ourselves to a nice dinner nearby.

We also wanted to immerse ourselves in a rich culture. After careful consideration, there was no better place that combined all of the above other than Bali.

We got on a plane earlier this month, and nine hours  after our departure from Dubai International Airport we woke up in Bali, Indonesia’s paradise island, and we began our five-day holiday.

The Balinese are highly religious and believe that Bali is at the centre of the universe, a place perfect for healing the soul, and healing it did! We came back refreshed, with a head full of fresh ideas and inspiration.

Here are five reasons why we think Bali is deal for women travellers, Khaleejis or not.

1. Bali is very safe

The safety of a destination is highly important to women travellers, especially if they’re traveling solo. We chose to stay at The Seminyak Beach Resort Hotel and Spa, a boutique hotel located in Seminyak, for the duration of our holiday. Seminyak is a beach resort area at the southern end of Bali, where boutique hotels, high-end shopping areas and sleek restaurants are located. It’s only around 10 km away from Denpasar International Airport. That meant that everything that we wanted to do was within walking distance.

We stayed in a one-bedroom ocean view villa, and as veiled women we were able to swim in our own pool, get a nice tan, and enjoy the ocean view, due to the villa’s privacy. Every night, we slept to the soothing sounds of waves crashing by the shore. Our villa hosts, Windu and Oka, helped us throughout our stay and always made sure that we were comfortable.

Ocean View Villa. Courtesy.

Our hotel was also highly secure. Visitors have to pass by a checking point to enter. Vehicles are thoroughly inspected by the guards before they are allowed to enter the grounds. In addition, each entrance of the hotel is guarded, and so we were able to sleep soundly at night.

Shopping and walking around Seminyak at night was extremely safe. We were out until late at night and didn’t experience any dangerous circumstances.

2.Getting around is easy

For convenience, we’d suggest you hire your own driver to drive you to visit Bali’s cultural sights and to take you to nearby towns such as Ubud, and the hotel can help you with that. The daily rates of drivers are also very reasonable, at around US$ 35 per day. Our driver, Blink, was very dedicated, prompt and even recommended hidden gems for us to see that weren’t on our itinerary.

Taxis and tour operators are abundant, and you can opt for those as an alternative. Motorbike taxis are also available, and if you’re up for an adventure, you can hop behind a rider who will take you around for a low fee.

3.The food is delicious and cheap!

If there’s something we did a lot of, it would be eating. The great thing about our hotel’s menu was that it was very diverse. Even Arabic dishes, such as humus and shawarma, were on offer, giving us a little bit of home away from home.

In addition, you also have the option of trying traditional Indonesian dishes. We especially loved nasi goreng, a fried rice dish, with delicious meat cuts, vegetables, eggs and spices.

Sanje Restaurant and Lounge, located by the hotel’s beach, boasts a Mediterranean menu, made from fresh ingredients. Weeks after our return, we are still craving their mouth-watering margarita pizza and buratta salad. The hotel also pampered us with complimentary ice cream, tea and biscuits throughout our stay. We especially loved the grilled corn cart located by the beach, where you can also capture Instagram-worthy sunset photos.

Also around the hotel are many international restaurants and juice bars, and the prices are very cheap! You won’t break the bank spending on food, and you can treat yourself to everything from burgers, to sushi, to fresh watermelon juice.

4.Spa everyday!

The Balinese take their beauty routine very seriously. Every street has a spa or a massage parlour. Bali revolves around relaxation. The rates range from very low to expensive, and you are spoilt for choice, from express massages to  half-day spa retreat options. We opted for a traditional Balinese massage upon our arrival at the hotel, and it gave us the relaxation we longed for after a long flight.

5.The city breaths rich culture and dense nature

Bali is very rich in culture, which was one of the reasons why chose it as a destination. From losing yourself in temples, such as the iconic Pura Ulun Dana Bratan, to the famous rice paddies, such as UNESCO World Heritage Jatiluwih, the Elephant Park & Lodge, Ubud’s Monkey Forest and its numerous art galleries, you won’t run out of things to do. No wonder many writers and artists continuously choose Bali as a retreat destination ! We can see ourselves staying there for a couple of months on a creative retreat.

Bali Swing, Ubud. Courtesy.

A nice surprise for us, as furniture and arts lovers, was the many furniture boutiques in Seminyak and Ubud. From high quality paintings to sofas and modern home accessories, we can guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for in Bali, and at a fraction of the price of what’s available in the Arabian Gulf Region. Many tourists export furniture, so the shipping and handling companies there are experienced in ensuring that you’ll  receive your furniture in one piece.

Will we go back there? Absolutely! And this time, we’re staying longer.

To book your stay at The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa, click here .

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