The Creative Giants Issue

Creativity Needs Freedom

'The creative scene in Oman is yet to be nurtured enough to allow more freedom within it.'

By Maisa Al Jabri

Digital art by Omani artist Waad Al Harthy. Image courtesy of Waad Al Harthy.

People tend to get scared of things that they are ignorant of. This fear and vulnerability are usually communicated as rage and rejection. Omani society puts boundaries to try and protect what it considers traditional and rejects anything new it is not used to. This can limit the creativity of artists in the country and discourage them from exploring new ideas or tackling important issues. I think about this, as an art enthusiast myself, whenever I look at an art piece by an Omani artist that is so creative, and out of the box. I think about how brave the artist is to get out of their – and society’s- comfort zone, because I know there will be as much criticism as there will be support. Then it makes me question how free the creative scene in Oman actually is today.

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